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  • How does SherlockAI work?
    SherlockAI is a service that connects your organisations support information to an AI to provide constant service to users. Instead of searching through information on your website, or emailing for support, clients can ask the SherlockAI chatbot hosted on your website their question and your chatbot will provide a detailed answer based on your organisations information as well as information from other support organisations. SherlockAI is trained to respond to people with language that is appropriate for all situations and levels to ensure ease of understanding. And it's all customisable by our experienced team with your guidance.
  • How does AI help my clients?
    AI can combine the information of your organisation along with information from other organisations as well as general knowledge and use this wealth of knowledge to provide excellent, timely information to your clients in a way they can comprehend.
  • Can I customise my chatbot for my organisation?
    Yes! Your chatbot will be yours; your own branding, name, greeting, special instructions and everything else. We'll train the chatbot on your website and any other custom data you provide. The chatbot will be an instant expert in everything about your organisation and will be able to answer questions for your clients or website visitors. We'll provide guidance and expertise on how to ensure your chatbot meets your users needs while doing all of the technical set up work. We'll walk you through it step by step and be on hand whenever a change is required.
  • What technical knowledge do I need to use SherlockAI?
    None! We do it all for you. We train the model with your data, we engineer the prompts, we handle the tokens with the AI provider, we gather your organisation's data, we keep the model up to date and we stay on top of the innovations to ensure your clients get amazing results. To host Sherlock on your website, we provide a URL or a snippet of code to connect bring Sherlock to life on your website. That's all there is to it!
  • Will my clients chat conversations be secure?
    SherlockAI is all about helping vulnerable people. That's our whole reason for existence. Privacy and security are paramount in everything we do. To ensure chatbot clients can get the information they need in a safe and secure manner, we don't ask for any information from chatbot users. We don't record any IP addresses or any other identifying information. Any queries chatbot users enter is not used to train chatbot large language models. SherlockAI chatbots simply pass the text query to third party hosts who facilitate a secure API network connection via the Microsoft Azure framework to the OpenAI LLM where the query is securely responded to. Once the query is answered, it is forgotten by all aspects of the transaction except for a log of only the text of the query and when it was sent, which is used internally to solve any technical issues. There's no way to trace or connect any user with their chatbot conversation. Again, we are 100% committed to keeping people safe and conversations as private as possible while still providing the support they need. For further information, please visit our Privacy Policy. Privacy Policy | SherlockAI
  • Why should we combine our organisation's information with other support organisation's information?
    We are committed to providing better outcomes for people engaged with the criminal justice service. While there are amazing support organisations providing amazing service to clients, we believe that a combined service can provide even better outcomes for clients. While signposting is helpful, it's better to provide information tailored to complex needs immediately to people who are struggling. And Sherlock is helpful to those providing support as it has access to the information of other organisations that may not have a high profile or who's offerings have changed. Knowledge is power. We help gather that power to give the best help possible.
  • Who is behind SherlockAI?
    SherlockAI is a not-for-profit organisation. We are doing this to make the world a better place. SherlockAI is the brainchild of a team consisting of ex-offenders, former Probation professionals, and people with years of experience supporting people engaged with the criminal justice system. We've coupled our real-life experience of understanding the needs of those leaving prison, or on probation, and combined it with emerging technology to develop the SherlockAI concept. And this is only the start. If you have any comments or questions, please contact us to discuss.
  • What are the actual costs?
    We want to make SherlockAI as simple as possible so we've developed a month by month subscription plan. There's no long term commitment. If your organisation enjoys the benefits, then continue, if not, then cancel at any time. No risk. The advertised monthly fee is all that you pay. There's no extra cost for set up or training the data or anything else.
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